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#76 Digestade
#76 Digestade

#76 Digestade by Rebel Herbs 60 Capsules

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Embelia ribes extract** ... 200mg
(fruit) (10:1)
Embelia ribes extract++ ... 10mg
(fruit) (50:1)
Fennel extract** ... 170mg
(seed) (7:1)
Fennel extract++ ... 8mg
Plumbago zeylanica extract** ... 100mg
(root) (5:1)
Plumbago zeylanica extract++ ... 10mg
(root) (100:1)
Aegle marmelos extract** ... 100mg
(fruit) (4:1)
Aegle marmelos extract++ ... 10mg
(fruit) (50:1)
Holarrhena antidysenterica extract** ... 90mg
(bark) (12:1)
Holarrhena antidysenterica extract++ ... 10mg
Ajwain extract++ ... 10mg
Ginger extract++ ... 5mg
(rhizome) (25:1)

Other Ingredients: Aerated silica,vegetarian capsules. No synthetic additives. No animal ingredients.

++ Supercritical CO2 extract.
** Hydrophilic Extract.

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