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    BioProtein TechnologyBioProtein Complete Shake18.4 Ounces
    BioProtein TechnologyBioProtein Complete Shake18.4 Ounces

    BioProtein Technology BioProtein Complete Shake 18.4 Ounces

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    Calories ... 125
    Calories from Fat ... 14
    Total Fat ... 1.5g
    Saturated Fat ... 0g
    Trans Fat ... 0g
    Cholesterol ... 0g
    Sodium ... 296mg
    Total Carbohydrate ... 3g
    Dietary Fiber ... 2g
    Sugars ... 1g
    Protein ... 25g
    Colostrum ... 1500mg
    IgA ... 600mg
    Omega-3 ... 800mg
    Polyelectrolyte delivery system containing:
    74 Bio-available Ionic Macro and Ionic Micro (Trace), Bio-available Electrolytes, Bio-available Fulvic Acid Bio-avalable Humic Acid

    Ingredients: Egg albumin, flax meal omegas, bovine growth factors (colostrum) and immunoglobulin, coconut flour, palm nectar, polyelectrolyte delivery system, stevia

    Polyelectrolyte delivery system: A naturally occurring organic blend consisting of 74 micronized ionic minerals, electrolytes and enzymes.

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