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    Hem-Care 90c
    Hem-Care 90c

    Natures Way Hem-Care 90c

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    Why use a supplement to sit comfortably?
    Because supplemental ingredients can support healthy blood vessels:

    -Vitamin E supports the veins by dilating the blood vessels and affecting
     blood-clotting mechanisms.
    -Rutin, a citrus flavonoid, supports capillary and vein function.
    -GAGs (glycosaminoglycans) are key structural components for maintaining
     blood vessel health and integrity.
    -Vitamin C supports the skins natural anti-inflammatory response.

    But why use Hem-Care? Hem-Care proactively supports the bodys own anti-
    inflammatory response and helps maintain healthy veins, especially those in
    areas subject to strain. By supporting your blood vessels and balancing
    healthy blood flow to the rectum, Hem-Care promotes healthy rectal tissue
    so you can sit more comfortably.

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