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    Organic Parasite Cleanse
    Organic Parasite Cleanse

    Organic Parasite Cleanseby Pure Planet 174 Grams

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    Organic Flax Seed ... 3075mg
    Organic Psyllium Husk Powder ... 1501mg
    Organic Chia Seed ... 1244mg
    Organic Apple Fiber ... 837mg
    Organic Fennel Seed ... 486mg
    Organic Black Walnut Hull ... 432mg
    Organic Cactus ... 260mg
    Organic Marshmallow Root ... 216mg
    Organic Milk Thistle Seed ... 171mg
    Organic Wormwood ... 87mg
    Organic Turmeric Root ... 54mg

    Ingredients: Natural Pineapple Flavor, Lo Han Berry Extract

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