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    TCM ZoneMenopause Comfort Formula (T-158)1 Box
    TCM ZoneMenopause Comfort Formula (T-158)1 Box

    TCM Zone Menopause Comfort Formula (T-158) 1 Box

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    T158G | Menopause Comfort Formula, Geng Nian An
    Rehmannia Root (Shu di huang) 1.56g
    Radix Polygonum multiflorum (He shou wu) 1.56g
    Ophiopogon Tuber (Mai dong) 1.56g
    Alisma Rhizome (Ze xie) 1.56g
    Caulis Polygoni Multiflori (Shou wu teng) 2.34g
    Radix Scrophulariae (Xuan shen) 1.56 g
    Rehmannia Root (Shu di huang) 1.56g
    Moutan Bark (Mu dan pi) 0.94 g
    Curculiginis Rhizoma (Xian mao) 1.56 g
    Schisandra fruit (Wu wei zi) 0.94g
    Magnetitum mineral (Ci shi) 4.69 g
    Gambir Vine Stem (Gou teng) 1.56g
    Margaritifera concha shell (Zhen zhu mu) 4.69g
    Hoelen (Fu ling) 1.56 g
    Unripe Wheat Grain (Fu xiao mai) 2.34g

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